Calypso Rose the Lioness of the Jungle (2011), with performance Nia Melody

Directed by Pascale Obolo

An exuberant and inspiring ambassador for the Caribbean, Calypso Rose is the uncontested and much decorated diva of Calypso music. With more than 800 recorded songs, she continues to be a pioneer and champion of women’s rights, as she travels the world making music.

Calypso Rose sings into the microphone

French-Cameroonian filmmaker Pascale Obolo spends four years with Calypso Rose on a very personal journey. Traveling to Paris, New York, Trinidad and Tobago and to her ancestral home in Africa, we learn more about Calypso Rose in each place, and the many faces and facets of her life.

Nia Melody emerged as a singer from a Pentecostal church in Bristol singing gospel music.  Moving away from singing with groups, Nia has gone on to solo performances  within the community covering well known songs from the soul, reggae and RnB  genre. Nia is also a song writer and penned her first song at the age of 13. By the public vote, became the South-west semi-finalist of the Open Mic UK 2012 competition. Nia aims to complete the recording of her songs and to perform  more regularly in Bristol.


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