Reading M. Jacqui Alexander…..

…is the best! You’ve never read her? Why not?!

‘What are the different intolerables from which we desire to flee? And how do we distinguish between those sites to which we must return and those from which we must flee entirely? What becomes of those who cannot flee, no matter how intolerable the conditions? In order to wrestle with these questions we would need to adopt as a daily practice, ways of being and relating, modes of analysing, and strategies of organising in which we constantly mobilize identification and solidarity, across all borders, as key elements in the repertoire of risks we need to take to see ourselves as part of one another, even in the context of difference. We would need to disappear the idiocy of “us” and “them” and its cultural relativist underpinnings, the belief that “it could never happen to us,” so that our very consciousness would be shaped by multiple histories and events, multiple geographies, multiple identifications.’

 M. Jacqui Alexander (2005) ‘Remembering This Bridge Called My Back, Remembering Ourselves’ in Pedagogies of Crossing: Meditations on Feminism, Sexual Politics, Memory and the Sacred, Durham: Duke University Press, pp. 257-287, p. 265.

And check out these videos….



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